About Matt


Matt Dernoga has lived in Prince George’s County all his life.  He grew up in West Laurel, went through the county school system, graduated with a Bachelor's in Government and a Master's in Public Policy from the University of Maryland.  He currently lives in North College Park. 

During his time as a university student, Matt was a leader in a student environmental group on campus, working on local, state and federal issues addressing climate change, producing more clean energy, reducing harmful pollution, and protecting our natural resources.

Matt was also active in local politics, having worked throughout 2009 to elect progressive pro-environment candidates to the College Park City Council. For 7 years, Matt worked for the Prince George's County Council District 1 Office on legislative, budget, and constituent issues, helping to pass over 30 pieces of legislation addressing quality of life, economic, environmental, housing, and food equity challenges faced by Prince George’s County. Matt was recently recognized as a Forty Under 40 honoree for his accomplishments by the Prince George's County Social Innovation Fund. 

Matt is also an avid runner, having participated in 9 marathons, Boston Marathon included! Now, he asks you for your support as he runs a far more important race. 

To contact Matt about his campaign, please write to matt@mattdernoga.com or call 240-473-3764